The Drawing Room EP

by Adam Shulman and Katy Stephan



released June 12, 2010



all rights reserved


Adam Shulman and Katy Stephan San Francisco, California

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Track Name: Estrangement
The blue spaces between the drops
Expand and finally the rain stops

It's too late in the day
To expect anything more than gray

It's just a shifting into evening
Out of gloom

One by one by one
Squares of light dot the houses on the hillside
Morse code saying now we're home
Everything will be all right

One by one by one
Squares of gold light the windows where it's safe and warm
Darkness leans against locked doors
And one of them is yours
Track Name: Bjorn's Collecting Butterflies
Bjorn's collecting butterflies
Formerly fluttering
Now papery and dead
Every shade of fire and flaming red
Daintily spread akimbo on a great expanse of groove mounting board

Bjorn's collecting butterflies
Skewering specimens with straight pins
Luring them in with
Sugar water bitter chocolate and champagne

Just a swift twisting flick of the net
A smooth maneuver you're unlikely to forget
After the throbbing stops
He smoothes them over with glassine
whispers "ich hab dich lieb
Dufte biene"

I've never known a man with such a love of lepodoptery
Such a love of lepodoptery

Bjorn's collecting butterflies
Bjorn's collecting butterflies
Track Name: When He Comes to You in Dreams
At first, when he comes to you in dreams
He will come to you in dreams
He will swear with such sincerity
That it was all, all a huge horrible mistake
He's alive as you
You are sure it's true
It's the opposite of a nightmare
Till you wake up to the opposite of a dream

After many years
After many days and nights
After many dreams
Miles and weeks of waking
After many years
When he appears in dreams
Saying just what you'd expect him to say
Behaving in the most natural, typical way
As real as day

Still somehow you know
Inside the circle of the dream
He's not alive in life
Somehow this is harmony
When he comes to you in dreams
Track Name: House Finch
I'll be one of those tiny passerine
tiny brown birds
just outside your window
the ones with the flame red throats
singing the same two notes
I'll be flitting in between the branches of your waking
and your dreams
slipping in between your waking and your dreams
A single melody
a simple melody
I'll be so early
You'll miss me when I'm gone
Track Name: Skygazing
Scanning the sky for signs from a future time
Combing the clouds for portents of good fortune
Measuring the moon
it always slips away too soon

Charting the stars where wonders are catalogued
Marking the days from when you first were certain
Tearing off a page
the calendar will prove what's true

Magi bearing gifts await, patient as always
Wary of the ways stars seem to promise more
Stars have fooled me before

Mortals will still scan the sky for signs of a miracle
Counting on time to tell me I'm not dreaming
Smoothing out the scars scraped by sharpened stars
Willing to believe love will live

Asking the sky what worlds lie ahead